It's not free but it won't cost anything

Want high tech fundraising but can't afford it? Talk to us. Our fundraisers aren't free -- the proceeds help us buy more custom programming -- but they don't cost you anything. Here's how it works:

We set up a fundraiser for you. Could be a voting calender contest, an interactive building game, a fund-me-for-a-day program -- lots of choices.

There's no upfront cost. If your fundraiser grosses $0-$400, you split that with ARI. Our maximum fee is $200, so anything over $400 is completely your group's. All funds go to your paypal account and you pay your fees after you've gotten some cash in. No promises, but we expect you to gross well over $400 for each fundraiser.

Your group does NOT have to be a 501(c)3, but if it's not, the group has to have an organizing document of some sort, an EIN, and have been around for a while. We also do reference checks on rescues before accepting them as fundraising partners, so don't be surprised if we email you for a vet and personal reference.