Is it too hot? Monitoring temp in kennels or homes remotely

How hot is your kennel?


In the wake of the dog show tragedy where 12 dogs were killed when the van they were in overheated, I got to thinking about the heat and The Waystation. What would happen if the AC cut out on a hot day when the dogs were put up? Usually we'd lose power at the house at the same time and I'd know, but what if the AC malfunctioned? What if The Waystation lost power alone? What if I weren't home?

So I went in search of something that would monitor the temperature and power status in The Waystation and notify me if it were too hot or too cold.  First on my list was that it had to work without a telephone line (we've been cell only for years) and without WiFi or internet access. That eliminated a lot of choices.

Here are the ones I checked out: