Sending dogs north to participating rescues is another important program. There's no "one size fits all" solution so we work with each client group individually to craft GoNorth connections and programs.

ARI hosts a number of cooperative fundraisers ranging from voting calendar contests to 5K runs. Most of our fundraising programs are built around custom software. They're hosted at 

For our single event fundraisers, our policy is, "They aren't free but they won't cost you anything."  Our current maximum fee for any fundraiser is $200.

For more information, please go to



Here is a link to our 501(c)3 letter

One of our most important projects is The Waystation, a rescue-only kennel and overnighting facility located in Knoxville, TN.  Originally an unfinished, unheated workshop space in an old barn,The Waystation is a work in progress. It's now finished out, insulated, heated and cooled. Dogs are housed in racing Greyhound kennel banks, essentially 42" crates. Overnights and short term emergency stays are usually at no charge. Longer-term residents board at $5-8/day plus food.  The Waystation is not open for public boarding. Visits are by appointment only.

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